by Krista Johnson

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An album about life, love and lessons learned.


released November 16, 2016

Thank you Tracy Walton for most instruments and production, Tim Johnson, Andy Sorenson, Peter Adams and Glen Nelson for your help!



all rights reserved


Krista Johnson Canton, Connecticut

Singer-Songwriter/guitarist Krista Johnson brings forth stories of growth, love and lessons
learned through her songs. She’s been said to have a ‘voice of an Angel’ with a sound
akin to Joni Mitchell. Her songs are a cool and interesting twist to folk music. Krista, who
resides in Canton, CT is taking her music up and down the East Coast with plans to tour
the U.S--and eventually the world.
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Track Name: River Bend
Take me down to the river bend
Kiss me nice and slow
We'll spend some nice time there
Watch the hours go
I will tell you stories
Please tell me your's too
There's nothing else that I want more
Than to spend this time with you

Ahhh... ahhh

Take me down to the river bend
I will hold your hand
Watch the birds as they fly so high
Watch them as they land
You don't know what this place means to me
I want you to know
We'll stay here til the sun it sets
Feel that river flow...flow

Track Name: Hey Darling
Hey darling
Glad to see you again
This ain't the first life
We've been together in
You're along for the ride and I'll keep you in stride
This love for you it will not hide


You came into my life
Like a comet from the sky
Couldn't have missed it if I tried
You mirror the love that I have for myself
And I could never put you on
That shelf


Take my hand, take my time
My time is your's
And your's is mine
Free my heart from the cage it was in
Free my heart from all
That binds

Ohhhh... oooo...
Track Name: Fairy Tale
You gave me your word, babe
I came running to you
You gave me the sign, babe
That you wanted me with you
I'll do anything at all for you
Well not everything
But you know what I mean
I'm just over here liviing my life
See you livin' it with me

Ohhh... yeaaa

You gave me your hand, babe
I laced my fingers through
You gave me your heart, babe
But kept it beating within you
I'll share everything I got with you
Well not everything
But you know what I mean
I'm just over here loving my life
Seeing you loving me

Ohhh... yeaaa

And it's a beautiful fairytale
I've got in my life
Knowing you're the one
And this time it's right


And we've seen these cycles, babe
But they're over now
You're the answer to my prayers
Who, what, when and how?
You're the only kind of love my heart
Will allow


Track Name: No Pain, No Fear
I shed tears of joy
For all of the beautiful movment
Of my muscles
And the conversations they have with my
Beautiful brain
And how they work together
With no strain

Cause I've felt pain in my heart
In my bones and in my mind
And I've decided
I wouldn't take it anymore

No pain, no pain, no fear, no pain

The darkest of days are behind me now
So i will nourish myself
In these days ahead of me
And I will trust that
I have all that I need

Cause my soul won't fall to the floor
It's always lifted
To the sky
I'm unlimited

(Chorus x2)

Cause my lungs they turn to gold
Every time I sing
That sky blue
Will never be dull again

(Chorus x3 until end)
Track Name: Country Life
I can see it now baby
Record player hummin' low
That rain tappin' gently
On the autumn leaves outside
You take my hand and you
Dance with me

We've got that country life, baby
Country life's for me

I can feel it now, honey
Wood floor creaking under feet
My gaze resting softly
On the view I see outside
My heart sings
Among those trees


This place has always called me
That swing hanging in that weepin willow tree
That river flowin' wild and free
These mountains they surround me
Out here, this place, this place
I am free, I am free

(Chorus x3 until end)
Track Name: Seven Months
Seven months of quiet
Seven months of beer
Seven months of being with you
But you were never really here, lord

Seven months of torture
To this song bird's heart
Reasons why it should've ended sooner
See I don't even know where to start

Those lips could've held on
For seven months or more
But my heart it ached for that
Open door

Seven months of me moving
Seven months you sat still
Seven months of me dragging
Your heavy heart up a hill, lord

Seven months of chemistry
It was masked as true love
I would've ended it sooner, babe
But I fit you like a glove


Seven months of cries
Lessons in disguise
Seven months of pain
It wasn't all in vain

(Chorus x3 until end)
Track Name: What Have I Learned?
What have I learned?
What have I learned?
You were brought here
To help me heal
So what have I learned?

That I'm breaking patterns that I
Said I'd break with you
And I did
Many more than I thought
See I thought I was broken
But I'm not


That from here on out
I will not let my past drag me down
Like it always had
You see a closed heart's
A lonely heart
And I wanna be freeee

Thats what I've learned
That's what I've learned oooo
What I've learned
It's what I've learned
Track Name: Hindsight
My mind goes back
To that night all the time
The air was warm
Green Mountain sweet
Drinkin' that wine
I know you came at exactly
The right time
But it's only in hindsight

Mmmmm yea

Cause when we met
I was thinkin' 'bout Mike
But you were warm
Blue eyes so sweet
Swimming in moonlight
You taught me happiness
Was my right
I see that now in hindsight

Mmmmm yea

I let you in
To my space
For a while
The bed was warm, your kisses sweet
We were feelin' so fine
I know now
You'll never be mine
Vision's so clear in hindsight

Mmmmm yea